thread: 2011-01-20 : RPG Design, Craft and Discipline

On 2011-01-21, Matt Machell wrote:

"If someone tells you that there's something wrong with your game, they're almost certainly right. If they tell you what it is and how to fix it, they're almost certainly wrong."

That definitely sounds like an interface design quote. With interfaces it's always a case that people see the consequences of a problem and want to fix those, not the actual problem that really happened two steps back. And what are games if not interfaces of a sort?

Every time I do user testing for work, I'm struck by how playtesting could learn a lot from the techniques used, and the inverse is true too. Gamification is a hot topic in User Experience circles at the moment, but the ideas proposed always seem to take a very cosmetic approach to game design "hey let's give people points and that'll make it FUN!" and so on.


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