thread: 2011-01-20 : RPG Design, Craft and Discipline

On 2011-01-22, Josh W wrote:

Something nags me as wrong about that conviction thing; I've had ideas that I've taken both ways, with worried fear that they might be wrong, and then, after I no longer needed them, exploration and critique and finding that they /were/ right.

I'd say that a certain sort of conviction is a clue that you don't know how good something is. Either because you're like "this is right because it's the only way things can be" or "this must be right or I must start again from nothing"; you can't compare it to alternatives or you won't.

Another kind of conviction is like the feeling after having eaten too much chilli; this stuff is burning you and you have to get it out. Not a perfect picture, but it's somewhere between that and sending links internet links to your freinds. "I need to tell you this people!!"

Does that mean it's right? Not all of it, but there's usually some kernal of truth in there.


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