thread: 2011-01-20 : RPG Design, Craft and Discipline

On 2011-01-23, Josh W wrote:

Also, although it's easier to say criticism than support in these kinds of comments:

You're gently expanding beyond good design here, to good human be-ing:

"Building a playtest group" is good for more than playtesting, people you trust to tell the truth (even without meaning to), are good for all kinds of development.

Treating stuff seriously even though it's silly, respecting what you do enough to let it be a project even though it's personal and fun, and a project with edges so it's not just an obsession...

You can't ever really hide yourself from people, get used to being seen, and learning to change/work with what you don't like...

There's a lot of good stuff here.

I suspect you can give some good advice on how to put a project together, digging some of that old dad-experience, I'd be interested to hear it if you want to.


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