thread: 2011-01-25 : Social Context and Design Scales

On 2011-01-26, Marco wrote:

I have some fairly complex thoughts on this—but I'm not sure that the discussion is in keeping with the Anyway rules. So I'll ask:

(a) If I have more to say than I think I can easily say here do you want to hear it on my blog's 'rpg' tag?

(b) If I challenge some of the /core/ precepts is that the sort of thing you want here or does that violate the You Are Not Safe Here posting agreement?

I'll say for the record that I do find this very cogent and well stated. I don't have any problem with the tone or even the conclusions. What I question is the scope (i.e. that this is true for all or even a majority of RPGs) and that the concept of a "target" audience is well conceived unless you mean something like a /very narrow/ subset of role-players (something like: people who want games designed with extremely clear mission statements and who will have a sub-optimal experience if they don't get them).

So my comments aren't a slam on the expression or the basic idea, just its universality and whether it represents a specific school of game design or should be applied to all game design.



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