thread: 2011-01-25 : Social Context and Design Scales

On 2011-01-27, Alex Abate Biral wrote:

"Reward system" is the Big Model's way of saying "the link between the most immediate-term and the longest-term play.

Vincent, I know I am just late and most of the other readers had already caught on to this, but I find this phrase very insightful. Whenever I though of Reward Systems before, I would tentatively think of "stuff that people find fun for itself". After reading Burning Wheel, I even understood that the rewards were there to make the system move, to drive the play forward. But my understanding was still all mucky. Yet, this little phrase just made me realize the real point of the reward system, making it all clear. I really don't know how you manage to come with these clear insights time after time.

I have a few more questions, but I will wait till you explain point c more thoroughly.


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