thread: 2011-01-25 : Social Context and Design Scales

On 2011-02-01, Steve wrote:

Vincent, I'm having a lot of fun on that thread. Thanks for pointing out that second medium-term reward cycle. It's mind expanding, using the systems chart (which just popped into my mind a couple of hours after I finished playing Poison'd) and actual play to figure out stuff about your three levels.

I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out where to go next with the conversation, though. Particularly, what's the answer to your third question: What are we doing over the course of the game? Without that, I don't think I can really take a crack at figuring out what the link is between 'What are my choices right this second?' and 'What am I trying to do here overall?'

I have this theory that the end of long-term Poison'd play is about judging your pirate or positioning them for the closing credits. I'm figuring that because the three key variables in the 'This is the final session' conditions seem to be:

+ you're alive or dead (and possible judged by God/The Devil)

+ you're either a pirate or you're not

+ you're either someone the players admire or you're not

If you've got time, it'd be great if you could share any thoughts on that.


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