thread: 2005-03-16 : Solo Play and Kid Play

On 2005-03-16, Chris wrote:

I think aside from the social acceptibility issues, this activity generally shifts to other fields as one gets older.  Instead of fantasizing whole stories, people play out conversations(past, and potential future ones) in their heads, over and over, fantasize about dream jobs and sex, etc. etc.  For those who still keep to the sugar side of their Frosted Wheats, they end up playing with minis/wargames, painting models, collecting dolls & dollhouses, etc.  It seems the process shifts from fantasizing the world to physically building or arranging it.

I know as a kid, I used blocks, legos, plastic army men, matchbox cars, magnets on the fridge and even draw little space battles, scribbling out a ship whenever it got "exploded".

Funny enough, this being way before my family got videogames, there was a big influence on it from cartoons and the games I saw at the arcade.  I've found as videogames have made a bigger and bigger impact on people's lives, kids tend to do this fantasy play a lot less.  After all, videogames are a lot easier to pick up and hurt your feet less when you step on them than legos :)


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