thread: 2005-03-16 : Solo Play and Kid Play

On 2005-03-16, TonyLB wrote:

I still do this.  My son's playmobil pirates have learned to fear the wrath of Dark Captain Totoro, as well as my other daddy-toys (except for slinky... slinky's a wimp).  And yes, for the record, I also do it without the child (or anyone else) as an audience.

The Czege principle still applies.  The way I do it is no more a roleplaying game than taking practice swings against a batting machine is a baseball game.  It's practice.  If anyone figures out how to make it a solo game in its own right, that'll be great.  But I don't need that, y'know?

Me, personally, I enjoy the practice for its own sake.  I like working the imagination muscles, and trying out new techniques.  Some people also really enjoy batting practice.  Not me, but some people.

But mostly I enjoy showing off the results to my gaming buddies.  I'm able to play with more confidence because of the practice.  Before my supers games, all the little lego guys suddenly start saying things like "You're a fool, Captain Liberty!  My robotic cockroach army will crush your feeble morality under their scuttling cyber-treads!"  Take my word for it that you don't want to be saying that for the first time in front of an audience... it's too hard to keep a straight face the first couple dozen tries.


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