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On 2011-02-13, Bwian wrote:

Hi guys!

I can see links between the more specific rules and their general frames in all the examples.  Not knowing those games in more detail makes it a bit tricky.  But I can see how players could use most of the specific rules to support the outcomes given.  The one that would most likely cause my play groups trouble would be the 'debts' example from Maschine Zeit, because it brings explicit social currency into what is meant to be a tough, character versus environment game.  But maybe this would be a help to other groups??

Loose links

More generally, it seems to me that RPG rules are a bit different than the rules for multiplayer board games.  I like to think that RPGs involve more flexible, creative collaboration among the players.  This might leave more scope for 'loose' rules that do not have a fixed or immediately obvious role in the general frame, so long as they don't get in the way of that frame.  Then the players have an extra lego block to toy with when they are looking for game effects.

But then, I suppose that also would be a kind of a link?

The Nightmares rule in BtVS might be an example of this?  I admit the connection looks a bit feeble on the face of it.  It doesn't necessarily drive you toward anything.  But the clause allowing the GM to control the effect gives an explicit vehicle to help the players do what it seems implied the game is meant to do: make up their own episodes(?) of Buffy-like goodness.  Nobody has to use it, but its there if you think its cool.


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