thread: 2011-02-07 : Design scales: to the text!

On 2011-02-14, Brand Robins wrote:

Everyone: Also remember, I am very stupid about this stuff!

Like in the TSOY example, its pretty easy for me. The overview is all like "this is about humans getting sweaty and fucking and partying and shit" and then the refresh rules are like "when you're drained you need to fuck someone." And I'm all like "Wow, so this is a game where having parties and shit refreshes your juice. Cool."

Then I get to what you use your juice for and I'm using points from one pool to do a thing with a skill of another kind of pool, at a distance, and I'm not sure what that means. I do, however, have some ideas about scenes where I'm all seducing some character with a painting I made and left in her room.

I've got no clue about how weapons fit into that, save that they help you hurt people. I guess. Sorta.

The others are harder. I'd probably do better with a full book. (In fact, in most cases I know I did do better with a full book. I do better with lots of points of data than a few.) But I also have a short attention span, and I hate trying to figure other people's shit out.


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