thread: 2005-03-16 : Solo Play and Kid Play

On 2005-03-17, Tobias wrote:

A lot to respond and read. Thanks for the replies so far.

As to cultural backgrounds: I'm from the Netherlands as well, but I've lived in the States for 4 formative years (14-18). Since my 18th till now (29) I've been back over in the Netherlands. I'm going to ponder how 'grown up culture' overlays 'kiddie-play' as well, but it's not key to my searching, I think. I'm willing to be wrong as well, of course.

I've even AD&D'd Spelljammer once with Jasper Polane. That was an interesting game experience, hope it wasn't one of the scarring ones. :)

Eric - have read the blog-post, it's interesting. I don't think i have the patience to wait multiple years, but I like your use of memory. Will reply more when it's settled a bit more in my mind.


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