thread: 2011-02-17 : Ben Lehman: Playtesting: Stop

On 2011-02-17, Luke wrote:

Be a good writer.
Hire an editor.
Have a vision and stick to it.
Don't overdo any one aspect of the design process.

Did I miss anything?

I think your points about testing the game's mechanics and text in play are overstated. An RPGs mechanics are more than just statistics. They must have the proper flow and feel in play. This flow is something that you just can't simply write and wish into existence. As a designer you must witness how the rules are applied in play and design around that interaction.

And a game book is both an instructional text and a reference manual. Using it in play helps disover what's missing. This is a vital aspect of playtesting. The designer is just as likely to suffer amnesia when designing as the players are when involved in testing. Balancing design with play helps find the blind spots.


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