thread: 2005-03-16 : Solo Play and Kid Play

On 2005-03-17, kat miller wrote:

I don't really think writing is the same.

My step-sister and I lived in different states- (me PA, her FL) and we role-played when we go together most of the summer and once a month on the phone and in winters we wrote letters.  The letters went out weekly as they developed.

I called them Junk-stories, I wrote in a kind of compic book shorthand, maybe a paragraph to describe the setting, and lots of dialogue using our beloved roleplay heroes.

I'd write to the teaser parts, someone was about to get killed, someone got kidnapped, and so on, and I was writing to an audience of one, (she'd write a few of them too) then I'd break the Junkstory off TILL NEXT TIME!

make comments on her story about what I think the characters would do, heap praise on stuff I liked

but in winters we were writing fiction about our charcters as opposed to playing with them.  And fiction writing is different.  You can get a creative rush over a good piece of fiction, but its not play to me.

I was thinking what if you used Mechanics like Vincent's Otherkind dice.  Where the villain has a set motivation:
He will always act to succeed, then to hurt, then to defend.  You can role for the villain and you know ahead of time how to arrange his dice.



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