thread: 2005-05-20 : Things on Character Sheets

On 2005-05-20, Vincent wrote:

Eric: more accurate to say that whether the stuff on the character sheet represents the character (which, yes, depends on the system at hand) is plain irrelevant.

Collin: You need exposure to some better games. I don't play games anymore that don't do what you're asking for. If you look to the right of my front page, under "publishing," you'll see a bunch of good games. Check 'em out.

Beastin: That's exactly what I'm trying to avoid.

Ed: Um, you mean this one? "If the character sheet gives traits, and the rules try to describe what the odds are for various results in various circumstances, than the range of possibilities will be extremely limited, or some moderator will have incredible fiat power. If the player is given complete control over narration in certain circumstances, that seems to take the excitement out of conflict. How do we resolve this?"

Easy. Don't do either of those things, they're both borken.


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