thread: 2005-03-16 : Solo Play and Kid Play

On 2005-03-23, kat miller wrote:

Vincent wrote:
Why is reverting back to kid-play a worthwhile pursuit?

It's appropriate for us to demand entertainment as sophisticated as we ourselves are, and to be bored by entertainment less sophisticated. We haven't lost anything.

I'm not sure that a solo rpg is reverting back to kid play or that its less or that it would be less sophisticated entertainment if done right.

I'm playing in a buffy game, after the game I'm all in my head about my character, I'm having conversations in my head as my character with other PCs and NPCs I'm placing myself in dangerous situations, kicking butt and taking names.

This excess creative energy I have would be happy to be channeled into a game of one.

A solo RPG would fill a different need than a social RPG, I'd rather be playing poker, but alone I'm happy to play several different versions of Solitaire.

I have in mind a Scenerio based adventure.  Mini one shots with specific tasks, Like rescue the princess.

The Evil Mage can only react a certain way as is the nature of Villians.  He acts to succeed first, then to Hurt the Hero then to Protect himself.  He has a varied number of Henchment, who act to hurt the Hero first then to succeed in thier task then to defend themselves.

The princess has one die, she must use it to either defend or escape - if she tried to escape she can not defend herself, if she is defence she can not escape

and ofcourse the hero, how can use his dice as he likes.

anyway thats the skeliton of the idea of a solo rpg oneshot.



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