thread: 2011-04-08 : Freeform

On 2011-04-11, David Berg wrote:

I like the category breakdowns.  I find the labels a bit confusing.  I might say "table cues" and "fiction cues" rather than "procedural" and "mediating".  What kind of procedure and what gets mediated are the real keys to the categories, right?

I grew up playing a lot of games whose position on this scale is hard to pin down.  My D&D2 games were a mix of seeking and fighting.  The fighting was all mechanics-use, the seeking was all principled freeform (as Vincent's defined it).  Some sessions were all about the fight game, others were all about freeform exploration and social interaction.  In my group, we all did our best to get good at both, and fantasized about games designed to support both.  I'm still eager to see how viable that is.  Maybe I need to play some more purely principled freeform games...


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