thread: 2011-04-08 : Freeform

On 2011-04-12, Josh W wrote:

Emily, I'm reading a lot into your opinion to get this, but is this anything like what you're talking about?:

Vincent talked about content shifting people's social stuff round, but was mainly referring to the fiction your imagining together.

Are you talking about bringing new stuff alongside that?

Like there's some family scene and then someone flips over a card that says "why bring that up now after all these years".

It's inspiration, and the rules system says "think about this now and be influenced by it" so it's got some topical/tactical punch, it influences the rhythm of the game. It's not stated how you should bring it in, so the rules don't concretely change what's going on, just skew how you approach it by juxtoposition.

That the sort of thing you're talking about?


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