thread: 2011-04-12 : A background in Principled Freeform

On 2011-04-13, Alex Abate Biral wrote:

I still have more than half a million billion words to go, but since you asked about the things we see as curious, I thought it was very interesting how you decided to come up with a rules "on the spot" to deal with the dragon in the "Further More Adventures in Improvised System" thread.

My first thought on this was that this eventually became the advanced chapter in Apocalypse World (is that right?). My second thought was that, while having creative freedom to mess with the system is important, having the rules remain the same may help exploration not seem arbitrary. But then I was reminded of Storming the Wizard's Tower and I guess that is one of the things you are trying to do there, right?

Anyway, there seems to be a lot of interesting insights in these links. Heck, Vincent, you make great posts even when you are just recycling! I think I am beginning to understanding what you mean by principled play, but here is a doubt I am still struggling with. Principles aren't hard rules, right? For example "To do it, do it." is a hard rule and not a principle? Or can hard rules be principles too?


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