thread: 2011-04-08 : Freeform

On 2011-04-13, Jaywalt wrote:

Glad you think it's cool.

I don't care about marketing terms. Bleh! I was just getting uppity about yet another attempt to redefine a term that I really like and find useful to make it more restrictive. Like what happened to Clinton's "story games." Am I gonna be stuck having to use "games with deterministic resolution" instead? That's a mouthful :) But that's a selfish "don't change my terminology!" thing and not a real objection to what you're saying.

I mainly think it's important to note that you can have procedural and mediating cues without dice or other randomizers. People often forget that, even when they're doing freeform design work. Some folks even think freeform design solely consists of content and principles, which is unfortunate given the diversity of possibilities there.

Really, a lot of the problems people consistently have with the AW move "An arresting skinner" is related to that. It's a deterministic mediating cue and that can drive people crazy. "You mean, it just happens? Like that? That's so unfair!"


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