thread: 2011-04-08 : Freeform

On 2011-04-13, Simon C wrote:

It's a fair cop.

Back on topic:

I think what I'm thinking of is how some rules are like "no takebacks" - you only know how something is going to work out once you've committed to doing it, while other rules are like "takebacks are ok" - you know how something is going to work out before you commit to it. I guess that's just IIEE, but I think there's a marked difference between games that are all *IIEE and games that put resolution anywhere else. Come to think of it, Ghost Opera is all *IIEE, so maybe I was wrong?

But it's not just IIEE, because it's not just about what people say their characters do, it's about everything they say.

Maybe this diagram I made a while ago is relevant?


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