thread: 2011-06-27 : The Dice & Clouds series from 2009

On 2011-06-28, stefoid wrote:

So Tyler, when going that way, how to you ensure that the fiction is involved at all?

Lets say you have a mechanic that says you can 'take a stand' either physically or mentally.  Figuratively the character is drawing a line in the sand over something.

The mechanic says 'take a stand = you gain a bonus, but you risk extra resources on failure'

Its true that the mechanic opens an avenue for players that might otherwise not be tapped.  But, what stops players from simply stating "I take a stand, I get +1!", rolling the dice and applying the results without reference to the fiction?  How are they taking a stand?  Its left unstated but the game chugs on.  Nothing has changed in the fiction because the character has made a stand, only the odds of a dice roll have changed.


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