thread: 2011-06-27 : The Dice & Clouds series from 2009

On 2011-06-30, Vincent wrote:

You're allowed to say "I go aggro."

When you go aggro, the game can't continue until you've established three things:
- Who you're going aggro on.
- What you want them to do.
- What you're threatening them with.

"I threaten to shoot him if he doesn't get out of the way" is all the HOW that Apocalypse World - or I - expect and require. "I put my gun in his face and scream at him to move" isn't better or worse.

In fact, when "I go aggro" already implies who, what you want, and what you're threatening, then there's no reason to say more.

There's a weird thing! I've seen people say that I, Vincent, want more description in my games. It's not true. I want concrete action in my games, not more or fancier words. This distinction between action and description isn't one we've talked much about, so I can see where people can conflate them.


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