thread: 2011-06-27 : The Dice & Clouds series from 2009

On 2011-07-12, David Berg wrote:


Once you get to "help your character survive in rule zero land" the battle's already lost.  I'm just saying that there's more than one way to avoid that.  There are probably an infinite number of ways to look to fictional facts to determine what happens without devolving into bullshit.

I think most pro-character realism argument is simply grasping for agency and certainty in the face of not knowing how to contribute.  Any system that tells you what you're there to contribute and how to reliably do that avoids those pitfalls.

"We're here to experience and portray madness and horror; you die when the GM decides it'd be fun to kill you; you announce what your character wants to do, the GM fills you in on relevant environmental factors, the group agrees on realistic odds of success, you commit to action, if it's uncertain you roll dice approximating the odds."  Already better than most CoC games, but still task-based, fiction-based, and fairly traditional.


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