thread: 2011-07-11 : Hooray for Religion

On 2011-07-13, Chris Chinn wrote:

"Not use it out of habit," is probably a good place to look in the whole belief/practice/culture discussion. I wonder how prevalent that is?

I think it's a key place to look.  Consider how often something bad happens and even non-religious people go "Oh God!", "Jesus!", "Damn it!"

For a non-religious example, I live next to a McDonald's - it's right on the block... but I never eat there, and when I'm thinking I need to grab quick food, it never comes up on my radar.  It's not even that I'm super opposed to McDonald's - it's just that I live 3 blocks from Chinatown- and I'm used to eating there.  I've lived here 8 years and McD's isn't on my mental radar.

I'm sure for some folks, the elevator becomes the same way.


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