thread: 2011-09-08 : Trad vs Indie: FIGHT! pt2

On 2011-09-08, jenskot wrote:


I love the Pathfinder GameMaster Guide. I love playing to find out what happens. But I think some planning can be useful although I also think games can function well with no plan. I don't think "playing to find out what happens" and basic "planning" are in opposition.

::Flips through the Pathfinder GameMaster Guide::

"Don't Plan" is not the message I receive when reading the Pathfinder GameMaster Guide.

Although they do have notes on winging games by using published adventures. They do have some advice on structuring planning around your player's interests and their characters. And they do mention sometimes ignoring your plans in favor of the directions the players move in if the 2 come in conflict, "part of the fun of being a GM is being surprised by your players, go with it". They also mention" gently nudge the game back onto the original track".

The Pathfinder published scenarios and convention games also don't seem to back up "don't plan."

Again, let me be clear. I really like Paizo as a company. And I'm not anti-planning. I'm just surprised by the results of this seminar given all the "actual play" and "actual published work" I'm aware of that contradicts it.


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