thread: 2011-09-08 : Trad vs Indie: FIGHT! pt2

On 2011-09-09, Vincent wrote:

I can't answer to how they play at their own tables, and besides, who cares? I also don't care what their books say.

250 young, curious GMs heard, from both nuts like me and solid citizens like Erik Mona, that they should be excited when the PCs do interesting, unexpected things. They heard that they should go into play having prepped an initial setup, not an outcome, and they should be curious to play to see what comes of it.

They heard from both of us that if a PC dies because of how the dice fall, that's sad, and you should treat it as the misfortune that it is, and be sad - but no way on this beautiful blue earth should you fudge it away.

I think that's plain great. I think that those young, curious GMs will have more fun because of it.


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