thread: 2011-09-08 : Trad vs Indie: FIGHT! pt2

On 2011-09-10, cc wrote:

"They don't seem empty to me. What are you missing?"

They're like that cartoon which has has a blackboard full of equations in the middle of which is a set of parenthesis containing "and then a miracle happens".

It doesn't explain anything, elucidate anything, or describe anything.  To me it's just as bad as saying "we didn't even roll the dice".  What never gets addressed in this topic is why the GM felt the need to assert some kind of story control in the first place, and the answer is that without it, when just playing to "see what happens", nothing did.  Because why would it?  A set of random actions is not anything like as sensible as a story, and GMing in a manner that amounts to little to more than playing system-nanny to a bunch of wish fulfillment fantasies is boring and dull.  Or worse, to a bunch of actions in which "finding out what happens" results in the PC's all getting butchered and the players all going home pissed.  Thats not just "sad", its deadly to anyone wanting to play again.  Why play a game that is no fun?

So to me it's just a claim to being cooler than thou.


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