thread: 2011-09-08 : Trad vs Indie: FIGHT! pt2

On 2011-09-20, cc wrote:

Well, even taking that at face value, I've never seen nor even heard of a system that can guarantee that.  Plus, I'm not sure how that makes sense in the context of the OP; if the answer is that you should use some particular system, then how is it a really useful answer to what is presumably a hall with a heavy representation of D&D players?  I didn't say that it couldn't be done and wasn't suitable for some people and play styles, all I've objected to is being touted as a universal good.

Certainly I don't see that the implication that orthodox style rule sets deny players agency and knowledge of the bounds of situation is valid, or that they would not be able to do everything they could or that the GM screwed them out of opportunities.  I would think those are pretty much bad practice in any context.


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