thread: 2011-09-08 : Trad vs Indie: FIGHT! pt2

On 2011-09-21, cc wrote:

Well no, why would the outcomes look after themselves?  The point of planning is to achieve an outcome that is better than the inherent randomness of immediate response and improvisation.  I wouldn't expect that to work out any more than I'd expect a group of enthusiastic amateurs to be able to build a skyscraper from a pile of bricks.  They might be able to build something but it won't be nearly as sophisticated as if they were working from properly engineered architects drawings.

Mostly my experience with that sort of thing is is that it gets jokey and lighthearted, influenced by random pop culture referents and lacking any kind of unifying aesthetic.  This wears thins fast.

If sundry iterations of D&D are included, then I have even less idea of what you mean than I thought I did before.  I can imagine a game facilitating certain thematic kinds of play, but I can't imagine any iteration of D&D doing so.


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