thread: 2011-09-08 : Trad vs Indie: FIGHT! pt2

On 2011-10-01, cc wrote:

They'll have a lot more fun for a lot less work if they play the game instead of trying to pre-play it. You too.

The only slight problem being that it isn't true.

re: herding engineers:
It's true that to would have been quite wrong of me to impose a solution.  But the reason the scenarios differ is that they had more knowledge than I did.  It's the reverse when I'm GMing.  But even so, the overall problem benefited from having someone like me who had the specific job of keeping an eye on the big picture.

re: GM as part of the audience

The might be true, for some people.  But those things don't particularly interest me.  And when I do find them interesting, then I want to play as a pure player, without contributing to the design, so that I can experience it as fully external.

For Josh W re: Blindfold analogy
That is basically correct.  I do interrogate players as to what sort of things they want to do, and then create a way for them to do it.  But the idea that I might be "messing" with them en route is wrong. I'm certainly going to try to do some things they wouldn't expect, but I don't get my jollies out of dicking with the players, I get them the same way a writer or similar does, when people express appreciation for it all after its over.


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