thread: 2005-04-27 : The Open House 4: Handshaking

On 2005-06-21, Adam Dray wrote:

Hello, everyone.

I'm 36 in a couple weeks, married, two cats, no kids. I've been gaming since 1980, when my dad's friend gave me and my brother the red boxed D&D set with Keep in the Borderlands in it. I started designing games a few years after that, though they weren't any good. I've never stopped tinkering with game design.

I've been a Forge member since 2001 but I haven't been very active till recently. I decided it was time to finish "starting games" and start "finishing games." I am proud to announce Verge, a Narrativist cyberpunk game, as my freshman entry into design. It's well on its way towards finished and I hope to have it in saleable form by the end of the year.

My day job is as an enterprise (software) architect for a leading fleet management company. My expertise is in web programming (mostly ColdFusion) and application integration but I'm a generalist.

In my scarce free time, my wife Stephanie and I run an online RPG (mud) called FiranMUX, which is a heavily coded monstrosity that simulates the interesting parts of daily life in a fantasy early-Iron-age world. It's claim to fame is that it's a truly generational game: players are playing the third and fourth generation of characters born on the game and aged to perfection over compressed game time (3:1 or 4:1).

I love Vincent's site but find it difficult to navigate and find new posts where I left off reading. If it were tied into an RSS feed, I'd be happy because I'd read it from my LiveJournal friends list. Am I missing a link somewhere?


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