thread: 2012-02-11 : 3 Problems

On 2012-02-13, Alex Abate Biral wrote:


Thanks! Hopefully, working on these 3 problems you delineate will help answer them. I noticed I finished my second paragraph mid-sentence. But it seems like I still got my meaning across, so all is well.

@Jake Richmond

After re-reading what I wrote earlier, I realized I expressed myself very badly. I didn't mean at all to say games with a wider appeal are inferior. I was using "best" to indicate persona preference, not some objective way to measure a game's worth. I never played G X B either, but if I ever have the opportunity, I will be sure to give it a try.

Also, I kind of did Murderous Ghost a disservice. It is implied that if I could play AW all the time, I would never make room for Murderous Ghosts. That is not what I meant to say either.


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