thread: 2012-02-11 : 3 Problems

On 2012-02-14, Vincent wrote:

That's pretty nuts!

The difference between Apocalypse World's social requirements (3-5 players, 2-4 hours per session, with a 6+ session commitment) and Murderous Ghosts' (2 players, 20-60 minutes, no further commitment) is a difference in their designs, right? Same with Apocalypse World's 300-page MC book vs Murderous Ghost's 32-page MC book. Same with Apocalypse World's relatively more obscure content (although Dogs in the Vineyard clearly beats both of them here).

I propose that Apocalypse World will be, because of these design differences, harder to market to a general audience than Murderous Ghosts will be. I might be wrong! But that's my proposal.

And, but, well. Give me the promotional budget that marriage has had over the millenia, and I'll rock the world.


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