thread: 2012-02-22 : Aw Heck With It

On 2012-02-29, Paul T. wrote:

Murderous Ghosts is totally an AW hack.

Here's how I see it:

* Discard all the Color of AW (post-apocalypse, guns, psychic maelstrom, etc), replace with haunted urban spelunker vibe.

* Limit to two players.

* Modify mechanic to use cards instead of dice. (But same idea, you can have a total fail, a total success, or a partial success in the mid-range, where you pick one of several options and basically get what you want but not fully.

* The booklets tell you how and when to "take turns talking".

* When it's the GM's turn, the booklet tells the GM which "move" to make. The GM just misdirects and barfs forth, and all that. Instead of "what do you do", she just tells the player to "turn to page X".

* On the player's turn, the player decides which move to make in return. He can ask questions to get more information, but eventually has to make a decision and make a move (which usually involves drawing cards, but not always).

So it's like Apocalypse World, except the booklets tell both players which moves to make the whole way through. "The ghost is hovering in the corner. Do you want to go aggro on it? (Turn to page XX.) Or do you want to run away? (Turn to page Y." And then "page Y" says, "You're trying to run away, which means you're acting under fire! Draw some cards."

Like that. Pretty straight-up hack, it seems to me.


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