thread: 2012-02-22 : Aw Heck With It

On 2012-03-05, John Mc wrote:

Fascinating!  This begs the question for me, what defines a "hack"?

I can see what you're saying Paul, but Murderous Ghosts feels like a massive hack.  So much got stripped away that you're left largely with "Barf Forth" and "Choose from a list".  When I read it I didn't think "AW hack", I thought "Vincent sure likes those bits in his game design.  It's interesting how he's using them in this game."  Hell, everyone knows Vincent loves lists.  ;)

Course I believe you guys that it's a hack, it just raises the question for me: What is a hack?  How is it distinct from a new game with elements common to other games in a designer's oeuvre?

Put another way, is Apocalypse World a Rock of Tahamaat, Space Tyrant hack?


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