thread: 2012-03-06 : Chad Underkoffler: Freelancing for RPGs

On 2012-03-07, David Berg wrote:

Chad, suppose you have a friend who's thinking of entering into their first WFH contract with a small RPG company.  They have two options from two different companies.  Your friend asks you to look over both contracts, and all the terms seem standard.

Your friend optimistically looks to your example as a sign that the companies could honor their contracts to the letter, but then looks at a million horror stories and has second thoughts.  Your friend asks you:

1. How do I get a sense if these contracts will be honored or not?  Is there any info I should ask or dig for?

2. Are there any precautions I can take?  Is there an effective way to remind them to pay me?

3. If they don't pay me on time, I assume I can either maintain a good relationship (send polite reminders not too frequently, possibly to no avail) or go hard after the money (give notice of hiring a collection agency).  Is there any way to do both?

What do you tell them?

Your friend only has the time and the budget to do this work if the contracts are honored.  Your friend isn't just doing this for fun or to meet people.  If they think the money won't come, they'll do something else.



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