thread: 2012-03-06 : Chad Underkoffler: Freelancing for RPGs

On 2012-03-07, Chad Underkoffler wrote:


>>I have to disagree with you, Chad, on one point. I would rarely recommend going to a collection agency. <


I thought I was recommending pro bono attorneys more than collections lawyers, agencies, or services. Perhaps I misrepresented.


>There are practical limitations on your legal rights. An attorney will not take a case for suit over, e.g., $500.<


Did you mean under or over, here?


>(Though they might be willing to write a demand letter and/or make some calls.) Many collection attorneys will do a demand letter for a modest flat fee, e.g., $50. For larger cases, most collection attorneys will work on a contingent fee basis, i.e., a percentage of what they are able to actually collect. If they don't collect anything, you don't pay anything. Some may work for court-awarded fees if they are provided for by the contract.<<

And in the miniscule amount of money in this end of the pool, I find this is why we never, ever hear about this: because it never happens. Too low.

The amounts of money are too low for a collection agency or a lawyer to bother with.

That means that some (very tiny) companies can be dicks.

Most companies, however, are not dicks. In my experience.



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