thread: 2012-03-06 : Chad Underkoffler: Freelancing for RPGs

On 2012-03-07, Chad Underkoffler wrote:

>>Nathan, Chad, I suspect that arrangements like that are going to get more and more common. I think that EHP's arrangement with Daniel Solis is similar too (although I don't know for sure).<<

I suspect that too, but don't know.

None of my business.

But yeah, when I was trying to run ASMP as a business, I was hugely fond of offering percentage of net profits for participants (artist, layout, editor), in lieu of solid up-front payments.

We were all speculating. Some people took it well, others didn't. All cool.

I'm pretty sure that people got their usual rate, with a bonus because of the percentage sharing.

Generally, I'd later offer a flat-cash buyout of their percentage around 18 months to 2 years in. That's where the long tail of most gaming products starts biting in. Unless you're a phenomenon, 18 months and you're done.

The only ways it helped me was that I wasn't cutting $10 checks to people who deserved much more, and I could theoretically keep those ten bucks that would have otherwise flown out the window.

Self-publishing is a pain in the ass.


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