thread: 2012-03-06 : Chad Underkoffler: Freelancing for RPGs

On 2012-03-07, Chad Underkoffler wrote:


>>Ok, speaking seriously. I will probably do the same and buyout the remaining rights for artists and minor products after a while, but this has never occurred to me yet. In my experience, products are still viable and worth paying on a percentage after 3+ years, and using PayPal or money transfer eliminates the cost and annoyance of physical checks.<


Congratulations! Good for you; my sales always started to peter out around 18 months, so that's when I started looking for the buyout. Again, it might also be attributed to my lack of interest in the business-end of the situation, so. I don't know. If it's still working for you, great!


>To summarize: as Vincent noted above, there are many different ways you can organize your business model when publishing or freelancing RPGs nowadays. It does not boil down to "indie vs. work for hire" only. There are ways you can work for small press and still retain your IP while making some money. It is great that this article provided an opportunity to keep people informed about what goes around in our small world.<<

Totally agreed, and I was glad to pitch in my two cents.


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