thread: 2012-03-08 : An Apology

On 2012-03-10, walkerp wrote:

And I can't imagine why you are talking about an apology to Cam.  The issue here is that you make a bunch of unsubstantiated claims and call for a boycott in a very aggressive manner.  When the overwhelming response contradicts your position with many well-reasoned arguments and much evidence pointing out MWP's good track record with freelancers, one expects you to come out and respond to those arguments.  Instead, you remain silent until now, arguing against a straw man that avoids all the other arguments.  Here are the questions I think people would like you to answer:

1) What is your justification for a boycott, given that sales are what MWP needs to pay their freelancers?

2) Were you asked to call for the boycott by the unpaid freelancers or did you take that upon yourself?

3) Where is your evidence of a long history of delayed and non-payments to freelancers?

4) How would you run your business differently if you were MWP?


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