thread: 2012-03-08 : An Apology

On 2012-03-13, Ben Lehman wrote:


1) I didn't call for a boycott.

2) I didn't call for a boycott.

3) I have spoken with, at this point, a large number of freelancers, all of whom have been repeatedly lied to about payment, or not paid, or random other bullshit which is specific to their cases. I have promised people I won't say who they are. You can rant about that all you want, but fundamentally it's not my call whether or not to reveal who they are and give the details in each case. It's their call. If you want them to come out and tell their personal stories I might suggest being slightly less hostile? All of them are looking at the shit being flung at me right now and going "no way in hell am I stepping into that." I don't blame them.

4) I can't even begin to answer that question... I have very specifically chosen not to become a 3rd tier RPG publisher. Regardless, not lying and stealing would be a great start.



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