thread: 2012-03-15 : Monster Mania Con

On 2012-03-15, Vincent wrote:

I haven't really explained it elsewhere, no.

You know how character creation takes time, and is sometimes tricky and sometimes boring, and you have to just trust that it's going to be worth it later? That's something you've learned to have the patience for, but nongamers haven't.

Same goes for not just character creation but for many, many parts of our games. We readily subject ourselves as players to procedures of play that (a) don't pay off immediately, and (b) may never pay off after all.

As a designer, I know that all I have to do is design procedures of play that are more productive than, say, Shadowrun's, and they'll reach my audience. I know that if my game requires something particularly onerous, I can have the GM do it - GMs will put up with even more than regular gamers. This new audience, though? Stymie them for even just 20 seconds and I've lost them.


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