thread: 2012-03-15 : Monster Mania Con

On 2012-03-15, Meserach wrote:

Vincent: yes, you're right about that - you don;t need to sell "roleplaying" as an activity (howvever defined) you need to sell your specific game.

But uh, while this is true, it obscures another point: how do you sell the specific types of activity in your game to people unfamiliar with those activities?

Like, Murderous Ghosts is very much like a Choose Your Own Adventure book, or a board game; as such you have some perhaps more familiar referents to draw on when explaining what it it that you do, in the game.

But how about if your game is less like a board game? How do you sell activities like, uh, "inhabiting a character" or "playing to find out what happens"?


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