thread: 2012-03-15 : Monster Mania Con

On 2012-03-15, Alex F wrote:

From my point of view, I think no single item on either list is too much for a hypothetical non gamer.

I mean, I've run improv with adult and younger first timers and they will do all kinds of wacky stuff, given the procedures are unambiguous and aligned. Talk like a character, act like a character... These are things that people pull out as party games instead of charades. In my opinion, they don't present a general social barrier (different strokes for different folks, match.)

In my view, the trickiness is the framing of the activity and the combination of procedures called for.

Eg I say something that my character would, need to check permission that's ok, use a randomiser, update one or more documents, interpret it and act it out, *could* be a dire combo, where we're into the rpg patience arena. Or maybe that's fine! But I suspect with rare exceptions that what's at issue isn't a single feature but interlocking combos.

And while I think about it, a solution may also lie in thinking about combos, virtuous ones where steps reinforce, reward and make even easier to repeat the steps around them.


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