thread: 2012-03-15 : Monster Mania Con

On 2012-03-16, Moreno wrote:

Maybe is a cultural think (we Italians are a very theatrical people), but I didn't had to explain "how to act in character" to any new player, EVER.

Nobody explained it to me, too: but when you play a single character, using his abilities to doing imaginary activities... how are you going to explain what he say to other characters?

Sometimes you can use a description ("he ask him the way to the dungeon"), but a lot of time simply talking in character is easier and more natural. So is using the "I" instead of using "my character"

It's simply natural, everybody does it. (or, at least, I think is natural and not cultural: but it's true that I have seen American players surprised by the amount of role-playing is usual here even for a dungeon crawl)

Maybe this is another reason why anime fan comvention are more receptive: they are already more open to the idea of "acting out" imaginary characters...

Much more than horror fans, at least. (correct me if there is something similar to cosplay for horror fan, I don't know any)


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