thread: 2012-03-15 : Monster Mania Con

On 2012-03-15, Gregor Vuga wrote:

Packaging might be one thing to think about.

"What's this book?"
"It's a game."
"But it's a book?"

The bigger companies that can afford it totally need to do more boxed sets. Not only as collectible items for the big fans, but stuff that go on the shelves of big stores, right next to Monopoly and Parcheesi. Something that's identifiable as a game.

The big bulky tomes of heyday are something for the hardcores and there's nothing wrong with that, but if you want to bring the hobby to the people you need a different physical object to sell (except to a minority).

(Also, lots of hobbyists/salesmen are terrible at selling RPGs to people. More than once I had the chance to observe a clueless person asking what they would need to play and the vendor started a tirade about which dozen supplements they should totally buy, I could literally see the customer shrinking.)


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