thread: 2012-03-15 : Monster Mania Con

On 2012-03-17, Leftahead wrote:

I imagine it can't hurt that of everything you've done, Murderous Ghosts looks the most like something a Horror genre fan might pick up to take a closer look at with zero knowledge of what's in the box. Those fans are almost certainly most consuming DVDs and licensed merch at those shows, and MG has an evocative cover and a form-factor that they know. Getting past that barrier lets you get to that great elevator pitch.

While the content of Drifter's Escape might possibly appeal, I fear there's nothing about its design that's going to get a horror fan to ever notice it. Certainly at the shop, we need to really work to get anyone to ask about it.

As far as bringing games to people who might be interested in them, there's the same thing going on at Comic cons; there is some inter-fandom sneering now and then, but for the most part people love a chance to DO something interesting. GAMA, the hobby game industry trade association, has just started running hobby game demos at some of the Wizard shows and they seem to be really well received; nt sure how much of that content is RPG-related, but that certainly also seems like a transmission vector that's worth keeping an eye on.

-Jim C.


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