thread: 2012-03-19 : If it isn't an RPG, is it still an RPG?

On 2012-03-19, entropyblues wrote:

I always find the strange need for divisive taxonomy bizarre. A title is only good as its descriptive power, and good for little else once you've used it define the common ground. The folk that find the need to draw the line at one hard place will be forever forced to redraw and defend that line with every game, forever sorting beans into arbitrary or subjective categories. I'd rather just agree that I like some beans and not others. I will eat the beans I like, but I won't argue that those other beans are not true beans.

In videogames, we get the endlessly frustrating debate on whether something is "art" or even "a game". It's about as fruitful as arguing about angels on the heads of pins. I'd rather just declare that it's all art, but that perhaps some of it is very shitty art.


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