thread: 2012-03-19 : If it isn't an RPG, is it still an RPG?

On 2012-03-21, Simon C wrote:


Sweet, I think we're playing the same game then. Is that fiction the same sort of thing as some resources in Catan being called "Wool" and others being called "Clay" and so on?

Do you draw a distinction between that level of fiction and the kind of fiction Bret is talking about (where you might lose because someone makes up a story about your character)? The kind of fiction that has mechanical weight?

I'm on the same page in being profoundly uninterested in whether one kind of game or another is an RPG, but I think it's interesting to look at what this "fiction" is, what different games use it for, what it can and can't achieve.

For example, I suspect that the kind of fiction Bret is talking about is deeply problematic for competitive games - that games either don't involve much fiction, or they're not really competitive. I'm guessing you feel different though?


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