thread: 2012-03-19 : If it isn't an RPG, is it still an RPG?

On 2012-03-22, Simon C wrote:


Not, like, tournament competative (scoring would be a pain in the ass) but competitive like, you play as hard as you can to meet your role's win condition.

"As hard as you can" meaning using everything available within the rules to advance your position, and not engaging in anything that doesn't.

The role of the fiction in Werewolf (as I play it) is really interesting. It is a mnemonic, but I also think that feeling you get when you're a werewolf and you open your eyes at night for the first time and make eye contact with the other werewolves, I think that'd be different if you were like, "Tax Inspectors" or "Team 2" or whatever.


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